About Avitech

Corporate Profile

Avitech Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in the field of animal nutrition in India. Apart from being India’s leading producer of premixes, Avitech is a provider of cutting edge technologies in the feed additives sector, has a nutrition laboratory and is also a service provider; making it a multifaceted organization. Avitech employs a large scientific pool, and has grown to become a widely respected and recognized corporation in the livestock market, with an increasing presence in different parts of the world.

The ideology at Avitech is singular – to partner progressive organizations by providing knowledge, products and services in the area of nutrition. Avitech’s needs are satiated only through efficiency improvements achieved by its clients.

Avitech commenced operations in 1996 as a division of Indovax Pvt. Ltd.

A premix manufacturing facility was established in 2002 with the objective of providing quality premixes to the Indian Feed sector. A sophisticated laboratory, Avitech Analytical Division, was also set up in 2002 to assess the quality of raw materials that were required to be included in premixes. Its capabilities were later enhanced to include tests required by feed millers in addition to micro-ingredient analysis. Avitech Analytical Division is currently one of the leading animal nutrition laboratories in India.


Leadership in knowledge enabled nutrition. To be at the forefront in the study, research and adoption of technologies that improve feed efficiency and food safety.

The vision is encapsulated in Avitech’s mantra “Know-edge Nutrition”. Avitech aspires to be at the cutting edge of nutrition thereby providing its customers a performance edge possible through the continuous development and application of knowledge.

Core Competencies

Avitech’s core competence is its experience in the animal production industry and knowledge in the area of premixes and animal feed additives. This provides Avitech with in depth view of market characteristics and enables it to predict future trends.

A highly motivated and committed team provides knowledge in the area of animal nutrition.

Avitech's own manufacturing facility enables it to maintain stringent control on the quality of its products.


  Customer centricity is at core of Avitech’s business. To create a community of satisfied clients and to delight customers with its products, services and behaviour is the aim of AVitech's business.

  Avitech is committed to treating each other and its business partners and associates with respect and dignity.

  Avitech’s attitude at work reflects a posture of learning and integrity that makes it possible for the organisation to grow and succeed. It encourages opinions and ideas and recognise that good ideas flow from all levels in the organisation.

  Avitech is committed to sharing its success with all those who have contributed to the organisation's growth.

  Avitech is a responsible corporate, sensitive and aware of its obligations to the society and the environment.