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Avitech Nutrition Pvt Ltd is a member of Keggfarms Group, a diversified group with interests in the fields of Vaccine production, SPF egg production, Poultry genetics, Food, Biotechnology and Animal nutrition.

Founded in 1967 by Mr. Vinod S. Kapur and headquartered in Gurgaon (NCR, Delhi), the group has offices and facilities spanning the country, employing over 1100 people.

Based on timeless and enduring values of customer centricity, integrity, equity and ethics, the Keggfarms group manifests a business group committed to quality and excellence.

The companies in the group are Keggfarms, Indovax, Avitech Nutrition and Immunetic Lifesciences

Keggfarms Pvt Ltd

Keggfarms Pvt. Ltd., established in 1967, is best known for pioneering genetic breeding of poultry stocks in India.

Keggfarms is recognized by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, as a Research and Development center for Poultry Breeding since the mid- 70s. Since 1990 the company is dedicated to the development of rural specific poultry stocks branded 'Kuroiler' and is the first commercial entity in India to focus exclusively on development, production and supply of scientifically developed poultry stocks for production in village households.

Keggfarms, through its unique and innovative supply chain, comprising thousands of village spawning micro-enterprises generates self employment for dealers, village vendors and rural households (especially women), and reaches out to around one million village houses. Keggfarms’ popular products include Kuroiler day old chicks, parent birds of Kuroilers, Hatching Eggs, Layers Keystone Golden day old chicks and Rural Poultry Consultancy.

Keggfarms supplies chicks through direct marketing to rural households and small farms and to state governments. Keggfarms offers knowledge, expertise and products to any individual, organization or Government seeking to promote and improve village poultry programmes.

Other than the rural poultry program, high quality, cage free eggs branded 'KEGGS' have been introduced in the National Capital Region and have proved to be a huge success. Visit website www.keggfarms.com

Indovax Pvt Ltd

Incorporated in 1986, Indovax Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of biologics in India. The company is in the forefront of development, manufacturing and marketing of poultry vaccines.

The company has an estimated overall national market share of over 20% percent and produces over four billion doses of vaccines annually that cater to the needs of the domestic and international markets.

This effort is supported by a team of qualified scientists drawn from diverse disciplines that include virology, microbiology, immunology, biotechnology, pathology and epidemiology. The facilities are located at Hisar – 200 Kms from the national capital.

The large fourteen acre bio-secure campus includes independent production facilities, quality control laboratories, animal testing facilities and a Science & Technology center and measures over 6,500 Sq m of built up area. Visit website www.indovax.com

Immunetic Lifesciences Pvt Ltd

Immunetic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture company of Indovax Pvt. Ltd. and Gezondheidsdienst voor Dieren B.V. (GD), a Dutch entity and one of the world’s largest veterinary diagnostic laboratories. Immunetic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. is a biotechnology project to produce SPF Embryonated eggs for sale to domestic and international customers.


Gezondheidsdienst voor Dieren B.V.

Gezondheidsdienst voor Dieren B.V., hereafter referred to as GD, is a co-promoter of the project. GD was founded in 1919 by and for Dutch farmers, with the objective of preventing and eradicating animal diseases. GD has one of the world’s largest veterinary diagnostic laboratories that offer comprehensive “made to measure” services. The GD laboratory is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Board (RvA) based on NEN-EN-ISO 17025. It has an SPF Embryonated Egg production facility in Deventer and produces Diagnostic Reagents and will supply the starting stock and technology for the production and monitoring of SPF flocks.

Indovax Pvt. Ltd.

Indovax Pvt. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of biologics in India is in the forefront of development, manufacturing and marketing of poultry vaccines.

Visit website www.immunetic.com