Analytical Division

The Science Behind Avitech’s Products

Laboratory analysis is a key tool in taking important decisions in the area of animal nutrition. An analytical laboratory was thus established in the year 2002 at Avitech as a support to its premix manufacturing facility. This lab has since evolved as one of India's leading Animal Nutrition Analytical Laboratories.

Avitech Analytical Division is equipped with state of the art equipments. Some of the sophisticated instruments used in our lab are Agilent Atomic Analysis Spectrometer (AAS) with VGA, UV visible spectrophotometer, Shimadzu high precision waterbath, Shimadzu HPLC, high accuracy analytical balance, FOSS Fibertec, FOSS Kjeltec, FOSS Soxtech, Bomb Calorimeter, Flame Photometer, Digital Moisture Meter, Shaker waterbath etc.

Avitech Analytical Division provides a wide range of testing and analytical options, which are based upon stringent international norms and prescribed processes. Tests are developed and specifically tailored to the needs of the animal nutrition sector. Our major range of samples/tests include:

  • Feed Analysis ( Moisture, total ash, acid insoluble ash, crude protein, true protein, non-protein nitrogen, crude oil, crude fiber, acid detergent fiber, neutral detergent fiber, salt, energy, metabolizable energy, calcium, total phosphorus, pepsin digestibility index etc)
  • Vitamin Analysis
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Medicament Analysis
  • Water Analysis
  • Inorganic Minerals Analysis
  • Fats and oils Analysis
  • Trace/Heavy Metal analysis
  • Studies on co-efficient of variation of samples ( Feed and Premix)/ CV Studies
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of Aflatoxin in feed

NABL Accreditation (ISO/IEC 17025:2005)

Avitech Analytical Division is NABL accredited. NABL has been established with the objective to provide Government, Regulators and Industry with a scheme of laboratory accreditation through third-party assessment for formally recognizing the technical competence of laboratories. NABL accreditation is as per international standard ISO/IEC 17025, which is internationally valid and acceptable.

NIR calibrations on FOSS platform for Indian Feed ingredients

Avitech’s Analytical Laboratory commenced evaluating Indian ingredients on a FOSS NIR platform in the year 2012. Since then Avitech has successfully tested over 3500 ingredient samples and developed calibrations, thus providing Avitech’s Analytical Laboratory, the unique ability to test rapidly and accurately feed ingredients available in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

FOSS Association

Avitech Analytical Division in a collaborative venture with FOSS International, Denmark, evaluated several food, feed ingredients available in the sub-continent and exported the data to FOSS, Denmark. This represents the first such collaborative effort in India’s feed industry.

LGC-PT Program Participation

LGC Standards is a UKAS accredited international provider of proficiency testing services. Avitech Analytical Division ensures the quality of its testing and measurements by participating in their proficiency testing program on a regular basis.