Natural Growth Promoter

AQUAVIANCE is a new age additive designed to improve growth and optimize performance in fish and shrimp.

A synergistic blend of essential oils, plant extracts and prebiotics (Fructo-oligosaccharides)


  • Aquaviance is a feed additive designed to optimize performance in fish /shrimp farming
  • Aquaviance improves sanitary conditions that help secure the quality of produce of aqua farming
  • Aquaviance stimulates digestive functions
  • Aquaviance controls pathogenic bacteria within the system of aquatic speices, hence contributing to a good balance of intestinal flora

Being a natural product, Aquaviance is very safe for the food that is produced


Fish :
Starter and Growing phase : 1 Kg/T of feed
Pathological Challenges : 2 Kg/T of feed

2-3 Kg/T of feed

Packaging and Presentation

Aquaviance is available in 25 Kg pack

Shelf Life

1 year from the date of manufacture (at room temperature)


TECHNA, France

*Available for the India market only