Rumen Alkalizer

Avilact neutralizes acids in the rumen and maintains the pH at desired levels on a sustained basis. Continued supplementation of Avilact through feed ensures optimum milk production, fat and SNF content.

Avilact is a rumen buffer made from a predetermined ratio of HSCAS (Hydrated sodium calcium alumino silicates), Sodium salt of Carbonic acid and Oxide of Magnesium.


  • Avilact prevents and corrects acidosis and its consequences
  • Avilact regulates and maintains the rumen pH
  • Avilact conditions rumen environment for better fibre digestion
  • Avilact improves milk production
  • Avilact increases milk fat percentage

Avilact is recommended at the rate of 25-50gm/animal/day throughout the productive life cycle of the animal
However, where the grain content is 35% or above in the concentrates or total ration, Avilact administration should be increased to 75-100gm/animal/day

For compound feed:
Add 0.5 to 1 Kg Avilact per 100 Kg of cattle feed
In case the grain composition is above 35% in the cattle feed, Avilact incorporation should be increased to 1.5 to 2.0 Kg

Packaging and Presentation
25 Kg HDPE laminated bag