A unique rehydration formula with Zero ionic balance

Avilyte, specially designed by nutritionists, is a unique rehydration formula ideal to combat stress from heat, handling during shifting and transportation, vaccination, debeaking or production related stress.


Each gm contains:

Potassium: 4.43 mEq
Sodium: 6.06 mEq
Chloride: 6.14 mEq
Bicarbonate: 3.89 mEq
Hydrogen: 0.13 mEq
Phosphate: 0.12 mEq
Citrate: 0.10 mEq
Vitamin C: 12 mg
Dextrose: q.s




  • Avilyte maintains optimum DEB, blood pH and acid-base balance in animals
  • Avilyte contains only monovalent ions with high coefficient of absorption for quick rehydration
  • Avilyte solution possesses low osmolarity (<250mosm) and does not inhibit feed and water intake
  • Achieves faster homeostasis to ensure maximum performance
  • Can be administered through feed continuously or through water for instant relief
  • Ensures adequate water intake and thereby aids in maintaining constant body temperature


Avilyte-FS (for feed application only)

  • 500 g per MT of feed
  • Inclusion may be increased as per the environmental conditions or as directed by the nutritionist/technical advisor


  • 0.5-1.0 g per litre of water

Packaging and Presentation

1 Kg×25 preprinted foil packs

Avilyte-FS is available in 25 kg HPDE laminated bags