Inorganic mineral premix with amino acids


Each kg contains: Copper- 1.25 gm, Iodine- 0.33 gm, Iron- 5 gm, Manganese-2 gm, Cobalt-0.15 gm, Selenium-0.01 gm, Magnesium-7 gm, Potassium-0.01 gm, Sulphur- 7.5 gm, Sodium- 1 gm, Zinc- 9.5 gm, Phosphorus- 120 gm, Calcium-qs, DL-Methionine- 2 gm, L-Lysine-5 gm


  • Forms the structural components of organs and tissues
  • Help maintain osmotic balance, acid-base balance, membrane permeability and tissue integrity.
  • Act as co-factors in enzyme and hormone systems and are required for metabolic activities such as energy production and protein digestion.
  • Trace minerals also help regulate cell replication and differentiation.
  • Supplementation leads to a stronger immune system, better growth rate, reproductive performance, enhanced digestion and feed efficiency.
  • Promotes development of phytoplankton

Dosage and application:

  • Shrimp: 10-20 gm/kg of feed; Fish: 10 kg/MT of feed or as suggested by technical advisor
  • Mix the required quantity into feed by using any binding agent and let the feed dry for some time before feeding.


10 kg bag