The most powerful ammonia binder

BIOPOWDER is a natural feed additive for livestock and poultry, used to control ammonia in sheds, which can be detrimental to livestock performances

BIOPOWDER contains Yucca Schidigera extract.


  • BIOPOWDER comprises 100% natural Yucca schidigera extract from, Baja California
  • BIOPOWDER is produced by Agroindustrias El Alamo, the only manufacturer of Yucca schidigera extract, that harvests the plant from its own ranches and associates farms
  • BIOPOWDER is air dried, produced by mechanical methods and contains saponins and glycocomponents of the original Yucca schidigera Plant
  • BIOPOWDER has the lowest B-50 Value of any commercially available yucca extract


  • Broilers : 100-120 gms per MT of complete feed
  • Layers : 100 gms per MT of complete feed

Packaging and Presentation
25 Kg corrugated box


*Available for the India market only