The only Buffer Matrix Sodium Butyrate

Butirex C4 is the only buffer matrix sodium butyrate containing a very high level of activity (54%).

The sodium butyrate is protected by a physical-chemical structure of buffering salts, preventing it from dissolving and disassociating in the initial part of the enteric system.

Butirex C4: An ideal enteric bio-regulator

  • Butirex C4 shows 85% efficacy in the small intestine
  • Butirex C4 helps in increased proliferation of intestinal cells
  • Butirex C4 positively influences the growth and regeneration of intestinal villi
  • Butirex C4 aids in maintaining optium eubiosis
  • Butirex C4 improves overal enteric health and feed efficiency
  • Butirex C4 also helps in a general improvement of litter conditions and egg shell quality
  • Butirex C4 is stable under pelleting and extrusion conditions
  • Butirex C4 does not require any action of enzyme (lipase) for its normal functioning within the enteric system

Stage wise recommendation:

Pre-starter and starter diets 1 Kg/MT                           
Grower and finisher diets 0.50 Kg/MT
Layer and breeder diets 1 Kg/MT


25 Kg bags