Emulsifier cum natural absorption enhancer

Lipidin is a natural feed additive made from a pre-determined ratio of modified and unmodified phospholipids. This unique combination and ratio of different Lysophospholipids provides Lipidin a dual mode of action. Along with emulsification and better digestion of fats, Lipidin enhances absorption of all nutrients.

Pre-determined ratio of modified and unmodified phospholipids

Aqua: 750-1000g/MT of complete feed

Packaging and Presentation
25 Kg HDPE laminated bags


  • Lipidin enhances emulsification of fats and absorption of other nutrients; optimizes shrimp/fish performance
  • Lipidin helps in extracting maximum nutritional value from high density rations, improving the productive value of the feed
  • Lipidin provides greater flexibility in least-cost feed formulation, leading to substantial savings in feed cost (up to 2% of energy and amino acid costs)
  • Lipidin improves FCR and performance (in “on top” application)
  • Lipidin has been tried and tested at leading and internationally reputed institutions
  • The matrix values recommended for Lipidin come with a reasonable margin of safety