World class standard and customised vitamin solutions for improved performance

Avitech adds a nutritionist's perspective to its vitamin premixes and develops a reliable solution to meet the animal’s requirement of nutrients.

A vitamin is an essential organic compound indispensable to normal metabolic processes of animals.

Vitamin nutrition, though is a small part of the complete nutrition of an animal's diet, is critical to the well being and top performance for every animal.

This has become more important for a number of reasons:

  • Higher production levels from high genetic merit livestock
  • Changes in feedstuff - global availability, processing methods etc
  • Changing soil balances, crop fertilization and varieties
  • Changes in husbandry practices – housing etc
  • Newer supplements affecting methods of absorption and availability

Avitech is proficient in and takes care of the below aspects while designing quality premixes.

•    Basic understanding of Vitamins vis-a-vis animal feed
•   Knowledge of vitamin quality
•   Selection
•   Analysis
•   Inclusion
•   Mixing