Natural ammonia binder


Blended with 100% pure Yucca schidigera


  • Helps control and reduce ammonia and other toxic compounds which adversely affect health of fish and shrimp
  • Binds ammonia molecule and transforms them to other nitrogen compounds
  • Improves quality of water in ponds by creating a cleaner environment
  • Accelerates degradation of organic matter from animal waste
  • Chemically stable in wide range of temperature and pH

Dosage and application:

  • In Pond: 300-400 gm/ hectare;
  • In feed: 1-2 gm/kg of feed or as suggested by technical advisor
  • Through water: Mix the recommended quantity of Sapodo in 50-100 kg of sand and broadcast all over the pond uniformly
  • Through feed: Mix the required quantity into feed by using any binding agent and let the feed dry for some time before feeding


500 gm jar